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Heat supply



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Fuel supply


Automation and power supply


Ventilation and conditioning

  Water supply and sewerage  

Waters cleaning


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Membrane filtering


Soil reinforcement


Rust-preventive works


Resistance heating systems


HOKE company products


Equipment supply


Arrangement of imported supply

  Energy saving and alternative energy sources  
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From design to implementation


STANDARD GROUP is a group of companies united by common purpose to create a product of high quality for construction and reconstruction of engineering systems, industrial, municipal, and domestic facilities.

We perform all types of works in field of energy saving, heat and gas supply, water supply and sewerage, ventilation and conditioning, industrial power engineering, and computer-aided manufacturing:


STANDARD GROUP’s companies are official representatives of leading world and European firms. In our projects, contemporary equipment on manufacturers’ prices is applied. Supplied equipment and materials are certified in Ukraine.



Construction and reconstruction of boiler houses



CONSTRUCTION “ON TURNKEY BASIS” of new boiler houses and reconstruction of existing ones is the main direction of STANDARD GROUP activities.

During recent years, dozens of boiler houses of the following types were constructed and upgraded:

♦   STEAM;
♦   ROOF;
♦   ON VARIOUS TYPES OF FUEL – natural gas, coal, fluid fuel, as well as 
    Important part of the company’s activities is implementation of energy saving technologies based on modern equipment. Being official partner of leading European manufacturers (Viessmann boilers, Buderus boilers, Riello boilers, Weishaupt burners, Wilo pumps, Danfoss, Tranter-Swep, Funke automatic machinery and heat exchangers), we offer our customers equipment of high quality for reasonable price.  
    Advanced technical solutions being exotics 10 years ago are everyday practice now:

♦   Condensation boilers;
♦   Pre-isolated pipes;
♦   Two-layered heat insulated chimneys made of alloyed steel;
♦   Electrical motors speed frequency regulators;
♦   Burners with automatic correction of “fuel-air” ratio;
♦   Feed water softening by the method of “reverse osmosis”;
♦   Dispatching of boiler houses with usage of Internet, etc.



    Heat supply  
    The company has huge experience of construction and reconstruction of external network and internal systems providing heating and hot water supply for the consumers as well as heat supply of ventilation and technological units.
These are underground and overground hot water systems, central and individual heat points, stations of hot water preparation, distribution systems.  

Preliminarily isolated steel and polymer pipes made by domestic manufacturers are used for construction of external networks. Internal systems of heating and hot water supply are mounted out of KAN, REHAU, EKOPLASTIK steel and polymer pipes.

Modern laminar (sectional, welded, and soldered) shell and tube heat exchanger TRANTER-SWEP, FUNKE, DANFOSS, TTAИ are applied in heat points.


Water heating units are equipped with DANFOSS and HONEYWELL automation providing precise maintenance of necessary temperature, pressure and consumption of coolant and heated water. Automation of heating units allows to save up to 30% of heat in dwelling, public and manufacturing buildings.

     Pipes and control fittings manufacturers’ (KAN, DANFOSS, HONEYWELL) calculating programs are applied for designing of internal heat supply systems.

Heating systems are equipped with modern steel, aluminum and bimetallic radiators with high heat engineering characteristics and attractive appearance. As a rule, thermostatic valves providing significant heat saving and comfort in the heated room are installed on the radiators.

Pipeline heat insolation of high quality (PAROC – basaltic fiber, THERMAFLEX – foamed polyethylene) provides heat saving during its transfer from the source to the consumer.


    Fuel supply  

One of the most important tasks of the modern company is provision of fuel: gaseous, liquid or solid. In our designs of boiler rooms and other gas consuming units we provide gas-control plants and units as well as units of natural gas consumption control. We design and install gas pipelines and gas equipment of low, medium, and high pressure.  

Separate control units are located in heated cabinets. Gas counters readouts are transferred by the modem to the remote computers of the consumer and gas supplying organization.

We design and install fuel supply units in the companies involved into burning and transfer of oil, mazout and other types of liquid fuel. These units include heating, fuel discharging from rail tank cars or tank trucks, calculation, storage, and supply of fuel for the following usage.

To arrange efficient mazout, oil and furnace fuel burning, we use experience and equipment from leading manufacturers of liquid fuel burners: Weishaupt (Germany), Oilon (Finland), Riello (Italy). Reconstruction of combustion systems of liquid fuel allows to save “black gold” and to minimize damage for environment.

    Our customers  

    Automation and power supply  

STANDARD GROUP performs full complex of works for power supply and automation of manufacturing processes and life-support systems of buildings and structures.

High level of energy saving and resources saving in our projects is reached by wide application of modern power-efficient equipment, microprocessor-based machinery as well as frequency control of pumps’ and ventilators’ motors.

♦   Complex automation and dispatching of:
- Boiler rooms of any capacity;
- Heat points;
- Water supply and sewerage pump stations;
- Systems of heating, ventilation, and conditioning.


    ♦   Safety systems and access control systems.
♦   Erection of distribution units and electrical installations up to 1000 V.
♦   Erection of external networks and internal systems of power supply and lighting.
♦   Systems of equipment and pipelines heating with heating cables in ordinary and dangerously explosive zones.
♦   Arrangement of lightning guard and ground loops.
♦   Life-support systems for “Smart house” buildings.


Ventilation and conditioning


Since 1991, our company renders services on sale, erection and maintenance of the systems of ventilation and conditioning.

Conditioning systems of low and medium capacity are represented by the equipment of leading manufacturing companies: Daikin, Fujitsu, General, Panasonic, Mitsubishi Heavy ind., Mitsubishi Electric, York, McQuay, LG, Neoclima, Cooper&Hunter and others; it guarantees possibility of careful selection of equipment taking into account characteristics of your room and specifics of your company activities.

♦   Design of conditioning systems of low, medium and high capacity;
♦   Supply of ventilators, sound attenuators, electrical and water calorifers, filters of various  cleaning degree, control blocks of vacuum units, mixing units for water calorifers, air distribution fittings, systems of air cleaning, moistening and draining;
♦   Production of air ducts made of galvanized and stainless steel, copper;
♦   Erection and start-up of all abovementioned systems;
♦   Warranty and out-of-warranty technical maintenance of the systems.

    Quality certificates   

    Water supply and sewerage  
    Construction, repair and reconstruction of external water supply systems, sewerage and drainage systems.

We carry out full complex of works for arrangement of tranches, wells, chambers, construction of trays and channels with pipe laying.


♦   Pipe laying by the method of horizontally directed drilling with flushing liquid (diameter up to 800 mm, length up to 600 m), and by the method of press drilling of channels (diameter up to 300 mm, length up to 40 m);
♦   Pipelines sanitation by destructive method (cast iron, ceramics, asbestos, concrete) with the same or larger throughput capacity with diameter up to 450 mm and 150 m average length of relayed section;
♦   Reconstruction and repair of pipelines by non-destructive method “pipe in the pipe” without excavations.


♦   Horizontal auger drill BPU220/270. Maximum drill length from 15 to 40 m depending on the diameter of drilling and type of soil. It allows to lay pipes with diameter up to 220 m.


    Waters cleaning  

We perform works - All over Ukraine

♦   WATERS CLEANING – rivers, lakes, ponds, coastal sea areas – from vegetation and bushes in the conditions and shallow water and marshland.
♦   DREDGING WORKS – with backward bucket and dredge pump. These works can be made with coastal fortification by poling or tongue, arrangement of piers, quays for small-size ships, with banking-up, flushing of sand or silt for the following usage.
♦   BANK PROTECTION WORKS AND BANK PROTECTION STRUCTURES – arrangement of piers, quays and other hydrotechnical structures of recreation areas.

Territory alluvium (aggradation)



♦   Super sucker
♦   Sewer jetter



Water treatment and sewage treatment


The task of rational water consumption having economic and environmental aspects becomes more and more burning every year.

Companies implement modern water cleaning units providing boiler rooms with specially treated water of prescribed quality for the companies of chemical and food industries, municipal and home consumers.

The equipment is characterized by compactness, reliability, environmental safety, modest operating cost.

♦  Units for chemical water cleaning for the boiler rooms (coagulation, Na-cation exchange, reverse osmosis)
♦  Units for water cleaning for cooling diesel locomotives’ diesel engines
♦  Units for water treatment for swimming pools
♦  Equipment for cleaning and disinfection of drinking water for schools, kindergartens, sanatoriums and cottages

    ♦  Units for water cleaning of oily rainwater sewages of tank farms , industrial and transport companies
♦  Units for cleaning of steam condensate from oil products
♦  Coastal stations for cleaning of ships’ bilge water  


Membrane filtering



Our company has its own production of membrane filtering units with European components.

ULTRAFILTRATION – pores dimensions 0.1-0.02 microns. Reduction of organics content, water coloration, elimination of suspended materials, viruses, bacteria. It doesn’t change salt composition of water. High chemical resistance of material. Operating pressure of the process is 0.5 bar. 

NANOFILTRATION – pores dimensions 0.02-0.001 microns. Softening, partial reduction of salts, elimination of organics, sanitation. Perfect solution for drinking water treatment with balanced salt composition. Operating pressure of the process is 3.0-6.0 bar.   


REVERSE OSMOSIS – pores dimensions 0.001-0.0001 microns. Deep softening, reduction of salted water mineralization, desalination, demineralization, nonchemical water treatment for vaporization processes. Ultra clean water for medicine and industry. Operating pressure of the process is over 6.0 bar.   
The main indicator of units operation is percent of extraction or percent of filtrate recovery – ratio of the quantity of obtained clean water to the quantity of initial water. This rate in our units is 70-85%.


Drinking water treatment, water cleaning in swimming pools, fountain, water rotation cycles

One-stage water cleaning with elimination of various organic and biological pollutants, nonchemical sanitation, prevention of biological matters growth on the structures’ s surfaces.

Cleaned water treatment with balances salt composition for usage in industrial and home purposes.

Partial reduction of salinity of water to 50% with simultaneous elimination of organic components, heavy metals as well as viruses and microorganisms.

Desalination of salted and sea water

Obtaining drinking water from various sources without application of reagents and additional equipment. Stable quality of cleaned water.

Water softening for vaporization, medicine and food industry

Elimination of water hardness, demineralization as well as reduction of total salt composition of water in the same apparatus. Without application of chemical reagents. Large percentage of clean water obtaining – up to 85%.

Low cost of cleaned water    



    Soil reinforcement  

reinforcement of buildings’ and structures’ foundations with drilling of vertical and inclined holes, with making auger placed pressure-injected concrete grout piles and fondedile piles with diameter up to 300 m, length up to 30 meters, with application of anchors, dowels, with works performance for solution injection into the soil with pressure up to 80 atm.

It is possible to perform works in especially straitened conditions including inside the buildings.

Manufacture of soil heat exchangers with holes drilling with 30-70 meters depth where we install heat exchangers made of pipes combined by centralized collector connected to thermal pumps.







Rust-preventive works


Corrosion protection of external and internal steel and concrete structures of any tallness:

♦   Warehouses and transport galleries for storing and transfer of chemical substances and fertilizers;
♦   Hoists;
♦   Tanks for storing food and chemical substances;
♦   Pipelines;
♦   Chimneys and aggregates with surface temperature up to 400 °C;
♦   Sandblasting and waterjet cleaning of steel structures and tanks.

Wide range of rust-preventive materials for protection of steel and concrete surfaces. Only durable paints of high quality made by Jotun paints Ltd. are applied.


♦   Mounting and dismounting of steel structures and advertising equipment;
♦   Inspection of steel and concrete structures conditions;
♦   Repair, heat insulation and sealing of facades;
♦   Repair of steel, concrete and brick structures (cooling towers, chimneys, elevators, water towers).



Resistance heating systems



Industrial resistance heating systems provide high-precision and safe heating, control and automatic temperature maintenance irrespectively on change of environment parameters.

STANDARD GROUP offers comprehensive approach to solution of heating tasks:

♦   Maintaining temperature of viscous oil products, bitumen, tar, mazout, oil as well as inexplosive gas mediums;
♦   Mazout lines heating and control of mazout temperature before boiler burners; heating and maintaining temperature of chemical substances in products pipelines;
♦   Pipelines heating with the purpose to prevent their freezing;
♦   Heating of flat surfaces, for example, constructional forms, drying chambers.

    Proposed comprehensive solutions are based on modern and reliable heating elements and electrical equipment:

♦   Submersible glass-fiber heaters
♦   Flexible heat tapes
♦   Automatic heat control system.

When heating by glass-fiber heaters, chemical composition and structure of oil products doesn’t change and coking is excluded.

Heaters are made of noncombustible nontoxic materials.

Our company performs full range of works: task examination, heat engineering calculation and design, supply, erection, personnel training, start-up, warranty and out-of-warranty service.
Heaters of various configurations and dimension types with wide range of technical characteristics can be manufactured based on individual orders.


Heat tape ЛУНГ Coal glass-ceramic heater  УСКН Plate heater УСКНп



HOKE company products


Our company is official and exclusive representative of Hoke Corporation (USA) products in Ukraine. Hoke founded in 1925 is one of the world leaders I production of special stop valves.

Due to premium quality, Hoke products is traditionally highly demanded in various fields of industry all over the world: oil and gas production and processing, chemical and petrochemical production, gas and power supply, pulp-and-paper industry, semiconductor industry and instrument making as well as for the market of alternative fuel.

Hoke also produces pipe (inch and metric) compression fittings Gyrolok®. Gyrolok® fitting system is patented and has a number of significant advantages as compared with competitors’ fittings. In spite of this fact, Gyrolok® fitting structure allows to replace elements of fittings produced by Swagelok ®, Parker.


♦   Gates;
♦   Valves and cocks with drivers;
♦   Manifolds;
♦   Reverse valves;
♦   Sampling cylinders;
♦   Filters;
♦   GYROLOK fittings;
♦   Quick-split connections;
♦   High-tech ball cocks
♦   Tools and accessories;
♦   Gyrogage Instrumentation 


Quality guarantee



Equipment supply

    STANDARD GROUP specializes in wholesale supply of high-quality equipment and materials for heating, water supply, sewerage, conditioning systems as well as cable and conductor products, electrical products. We are distributors and partners of leading manufacturers:

♦   Boiler room equipment: Buderus, Viessmann;
♦   Burners: Riello, Weishaupt;
♦   Pump equipment: Wilo, Saer;
♦   Radiators: Sanica, Standard;
♦   Stop valves: Danfoss, ARI Armaturen, Ayvaz;
♦   Polymeric pipes: Wavin-Ekoplastik, Kalde, Rehau, Firattherm;
♦   Solar collectors: Buderus, Viessmann;
♦   Cable and conductor products, electrical products: Moeller, Schneider Electric, Siemens;
♦   Equipment for ventilation and conditioning: Daikin, Remak, Mitsubishi Electric;
And many other domestic and foreign manufacturers.


Our company is ready to offer competitive prices as well as convenient payment system. All proposed products are in our warehouses or our partners’ warehouses. It guarantees prompt delivery and wide range of equipment and materials.




Arrangement of imported supply


STANDARD GROUP offers its services on supply of imported goods directly from the manufacturer. Priorities of the company’s activities are supply of modern equipment and materials. We have huge experience of work with suppliers from Europe, Turkey, and China.


External economic department provides full range of services on purchase and delivery of your cargo according to “door to door” scheme including:

♦   Search of the goods’ manufacturers;
♦   Assistance in negotiations regarding delivery terms, best prices, obtaining all necessary information about the goods;
♦   Delivery of the goods samples to Ukraine;
♦   Assistance in preparation and conclusion of contracts including translation of the documents;
♦   Services on optimization of expenses and payment terms while working with foreign companies.



♦   Arrangement of international road and sea container transportations with competitive prices and the shortest transit time;
♦   Control of quantity and quality during production and shipment of goods as well as monitoring transportation process throughout the entire journey of the goods to your warehouse;
♦   Services in field of port dispatch;
♦   Customs and brokerage services;
♦   Warehouse services.



The main idea combining the group of companies Standard Group is energy saving and implementation of resource-saving technologies. Saving of water, heat, power, reasonable usage of fuel, application of renewable energy sources are the topics of the most interesting projects:
Implementation of Schneider frequency converters to drive industrial pumps and funs and power units: 
Power saving - up to 40%
Equipping of steam boilers and water-heating boilers with system of automatic control of “fuel-air” ratio with correction on oxygen and CO content in combustion products (manufactured by Weishaupt). Gas saving on one steam boiler with 6 t/h capacity is over 30,000 m3/year
Implementation of Viessmann and Buderus thermal pumps. Thermal pump using low-potential heat of effluents provides pump station with heat. 
Heat saving – 40 Gcal/year
Projects of reasonable usage of running water in dwelling houses and public buildings. Danfoss and Honeywell pressure regulators. Quenching of excessive pressure allows saving over 30% of water. Actually reached water saving as a result of implementation in a block of flats is 29,000 m3/year.
Payback period – 3-6 months
Automation of heat points and internal heat supply systems. Danfoss regulation systems. Heat saving is up to 40% with simultaneous improvement of comfort conditions.
Payback period – 1-2 heating seasons
Implementation of Buderus and Viessmann solar systems for hot water supply needs. Costs reduction for utilities and reduction of dependence on power suppliers. This direction is quickly developing in connection with constant trend to increase of gas and power prices. 


     Reference list  

OJSC “Odessa Port Plant “  Start-up and adjustment of waste-heat boiler in ammonia transfer shop
Start-up and adjustment of steam and water-heating boilers of boiler shop in sport complex “Olimp”
Designs of reconstruction of plant’s gas distribution points, gas distribution units, cabinet regulating points
Manufacture and erection of cabinet regulating points
Automation of heat points of manufacturing, administrative and domestic buildings
Implementation of gas commercial accounting
Sea Trading Port “Yuzhnyy” Automation of heat points of manufacturing, administrative and domestic buildings.
Construction of block gas boiler room
Reconstruction of the company’s gas supply system
Limited company “TransInvestService” Gas supply of grain drying system. Design, erection and adjustment works
Design and construction of coal boiler room of dwelling settlement
Design and erection of supply gas pipeline to cars defrosting unit
OJSC “Ukrtransnafta” Boiler room reconstruction with transfer of boilers to crude oil combustion
Implementation of solar systems for hot water supply needs
Limited company “Transbunker Yuzhnyy” Erection of intrasite power supply systems
Limited company “ProgressStroy” Arcadia Palace. Boiler room, heat point, conditioning system. Design, erection and adjustment works
Hotel “Black Sea” Construction of gas and liquid fuel boiler rooms in Savran city and Razdelnaya city. Design, erection and adjustment works
Business-center “Shevchenkovskiy” Internal systems of heating, water supply and sewerage. Design, erection and adjustment works
OJSC “Ukrtelecom”  Construction of heating boiler rooms. Design, erection and adjustment works
Lukoil – Odessa oil processing plant Automation of heat points of manufacturing, administrative and domestic buildings
Adjustment of steam and water-heating boilers
Inspection of technological ovens
OJSC “Eksimnefteprodukt” Arrangement of water treatment and water regime of boiler room
Installment of railway trestles heating for oil products discharge
Design, erection and adjustment works
Glass factory “Ilona” Start-up and adjustment of glass melting ovens
Housing maintenance and utilities board of Yuzhnyy city Start-up and adjustment of steam and water-heating boilers
Automation of district heat points
Implementation of systems of rational usage of water in dwelling houses
Bread-baking plant “Dobryy khleb” Start-up and adjustment of bread-baking ovens and steam boilers of the bread-baking plant
Limited company “UkrCoffee”  Design, erection and adjustment works on boiler room, heat points, pump stations of the plant
Limited company “Zhytloprombud” Erection of boiler rooms, heat points, pump stations of dwelling complex “Favorite”
Limited company “KarkasBud” Boiler room with condensation boilers Veissmann
Design, erection and adjustment works
Odessa Railway Design, erection and adjustment works on boilers
Design, erection and adjustment works on water treatment units for locomotives
Limited company “Danone Dnipro” Implementation of automated system of combustion control in steam boilers Buderus with gas burners Weishaupt with correction on oxygen content in exhaust gases
OJSC “Odessaoblenergo” Construction of electrical boiler rooms. Design, erection and commissioning works
Odessa National Maritime Academy Construction of gas boiler rooms. Design, erection and commissioning works
Housing maintenance and utilities board of Yuzhnyy city Reconstruction of block heat points
Design, erection and adjustment works
Private cottages Internal systems of heating, ventilation, conditioning, water supply and sewerage. Design, erection and adjustment works

     And many other sites…  





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